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Kyle Waymire
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Kyle Waymire One of my now favourite Death Metal albums. The guitar work is superb, seamlessly shifting from crushing riffs to fantastic melodies, the vocals are varied and well executed and the drumming is great as always. It really feels like delving into a dark sci-fi world, and any band that includes a well done Carcass cover is good by default. 10/10 Favorite track: Exit Strategy.
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released November 19, 2013

Distributed by Dark Millennium Records
Recorded Summer 2013 at MindCycle Studios
Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Ryan Conner & Cryogen
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Cover Art by Colin Marks




CRYOGEN Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Machine
we solidified the notion of cryogenic preservation
the accumulation of our knowledge synthesized and dissected
all intelligence stored in the depths of computer banks
this wealth of knowledge, while of us, does not have the will to breathe

no emotion to suppress, rationality the key
our mind our opposition - our logic incomplete

when our eyes, cannot see
when our dreams, fail to breathe
a new beginning created by machines

when our eyes, cannot see
when our dreams, fail to breathe
lifeblood awakened - we are machine

preserved from decay by indestructible machines
working to perfect our essence its purpose and it's scheme

unrelenting in it's power, our new plague is spreading it's disease
like a virus it spreads to the ends of the earth, leaving nothing to stand unaffected
clones of a civilization long forgotten we blight the landscape with unconcerned corruption
cloned in perfection from all of human failings - we begin our new reign of destruction

unrelenting in it's power, our new plague is spreading it's disease
cloned in perfection from all of human failings we begin our new reign of destruction
Track Name: Nucleosynthesis
we've come to the turning point
a passageway in two directions
for our gods to comprehend
we spread hatred and control
our grasp of technology
helps overtake each other
in the name of progress
we split atomic nuclei

the path to our salvation

create the stages of devastation
a fission bomb to ignite the fuel

implosion of radiation turns to nuclear fusion
a chain reaction to annihilation

10 million souls vaporized
tearing out our eyes
tearing at our flesh
survival is hallow - and drifting
behind a burning red sky
corrupt minds swim in confusion

all rise - to the annihilation
all rise to the extermination
Track Name: Rama I
Awakened from suspended sleep after eons of desolation
we find ourselves
staring into the abyss
a marvel of construction built by beings untold

a self sustaining system of propulsion
a symbol of perfection
we cannot comprehend
delving deep into the depths
a discovery of unthinkable value

Floating through the nothingness colossal it's only description
as past becomes the present
symmetrical to the point of compulsion
a mammoth creation from the depths of unknown

as our minds grasp spherical distortions
we question the meaning of infinity
such an inferior existence
as we face perfected evolution

At the height of technology automation beyond understanding
we wait
the shapeless beings start to emerge
as the light infiltrates the towering landscape

a sea of frozen chemical compounds
faultless towering framework
for what purpose does this planet exist
is it destruction or self preservation?

the complications of our ability to reason
when faced with perfection we waste away

rise to the sun
rise endless one
Track Name: Rama II
a century now gone
distant tales of alien construct
written off and now forgotten

our crisis leads us to
abandon distant suns
but now our fate has quickly changed

abandon your simple logic

just as they once had done
falling toward the sun
this complex race of beings

just as they once had done
revolving toward the sun
heading for the unknown

the land begins to thaw
so long in isolation
shrouded in silence

stare upon the symmetry
take hold and witness evolution

after years of silence
how many years remain

unlock the mysteries
on this rock I remain

a century now gone
distant tales of alien construct
take hold - and witness evolution
Track Name: Contagion
underneath the surface
pestilence is sprawling
spread by manufactured disease
seeking frailty it's essence is consumption
illogical desire to control humanity

genetic defect in us
rip out the disease
the time for stalling is over
take back our humanity

eradicate the weak
the ammunition in their hands
as I seek - shelter from the gale
I will not bow down to insanity
we will rise as quickly as they fail

I rule the demise of this earth
My name will be written in dust
I rule the demise of this earth
My name will be written in blood

write my name in blood
Track Name: Capgras Delusion
an endless expanse into the depths of nothingness
a hollow shell in place of what is real
fighting from the edge of insanity
trying to hold on to this figure of perception

fighting to awake from this nightmare
the voices seem to crawl though my head
an endless sleep
blinding perception feeding delusion

the puppet master pulls his strings
creatures controlled by the occult
the illusion of screens
let me awake from this nightmare

all essence is in question
the faces surround me in confusion
crawl from underneath the surface
the treachery has now taken control
Track Name: Moloch
beneath the surface in the absence of light
fear compounding in intensity biding it's time
tear apart the shades of reflection
leading our children into his delusion

ten thousand years from the pit he ascended
last survivor of a race of hellion creatures
I am survivor of blood
sacrifice to me to feed your voracity

I am the ruler of thieves
I have created reality, created disease
I am the ruler of greed
I seek blood for the sacrifice
call upon your deities

death by fire your eternal engagement
voices suffocated in ritual devotion
apprehension is the meaning of pain
my kingdom rises in endless indulgence

I am moloch
sacrifice to me

I am moloch
sacrifice unto me
Track Name: Continuum
Demonus, Apastulus, Lumine, Adoramos
Exmus, Extraspection, Resurrected, Scriptulas
Track Name: Synthetic Essence
as were striving toward acuity
a looming threat on the horizon
shrouded silence as the gap begins to close
synthetic essence + its power we behold

contamination, mass infection
cancer pumping through our veins
full of hope we back the opposition
but the weak will not resuscitate

from poison and decay
new life springs from the depths
complex machinery
a shadow of whats to come

I am, infection
I am, decay
we are unprotected
we will degenerate

ravaged lands on the horizon
engulfed in silence and decay
leading us -- back to isolation
they pull our life back from the grave

justify your fate
justify your imperfection
justify your fate
wipe out the weak

justify your fate
justify your recollection
justify your fate
wipe out the weak
Track Name: Exit Strategy
i've been been absent from sensibility, since your walk toward the edge of humanity
we're all looking for the destination, fighting with our senses to dissuade our guilt

time will wait for no one, the weapon in hand
exit strategy eminent, blight the land

i'll follow you to the end while I light the way
so deceived
looking through the distant fog, our time is finite

erase me

as our ancestors, reached toward the sky, they divulged one thing
all life is flawed
and will violently end

our cancer has grow from ambiguity, we all touch it's inner insanity
looking from the surface of vision, enveloped by the drone of the machines

build up their synthetic army
with plans to dominate
scream all you want
the pact was made

awake decrepit
now the synthetic